You Think She Wants The Love That’s Portrayed In The Movies, But Here’s What She Actually Wants

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She doesn’t care about romance. She’s seen enough and she’s been through enough to know that romance to her means something different than it does to the people who produce romantic comedies. The people who make movies associate romance with huge diamonds and love at first sight and dramatic declarations of the heart.

But romance in her eyes means you bring over a pizza and the two of you excitedly spend a Friday night in your pajamas. Romance means you tell her she looks cute when she’s sleeping, even though she knows she does not. Her version of romance does not involve you proclaiming your love for her in a public place. Instead, the two of you are alone. Probably laying down. Your fingers running up and down her arm absentmindedly, out of habit, unable to stop. And you both stumble over your words, trying to say “I love…

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