18 Staples To Make Your Wardrobe Perfect

Thought Catalog

1. Classic black denim, because whether you worshipped the cool rock girls in high school, or simply need something you can throw on in the morning without a second thought — or both — few things will ever have your back like black denim.

2. A go-to lipstick for days when you need to pull it together. Because that one color that works on your otherwise bare face exists, and it is worth hunting down.

3. A style idol. You can be a Beyonce disciple or worship the Cool French Girls of years past, but whatever your muse, sometimes you need someone to point you in the right direction (if not for your actual look, then maybe just the vibe).

4. The right-fitting bra. Go to a professional shop. Get fitted. It. Will. Change. Your. Life.

5. A favorite pair of sunglasses. For days when you need to hide behind…

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