9 Things Good Men Look For In A Woman

Thought Catalog


1. Attraction.

Okay, we’re talking about grown-up men here, but attraction is still important. The difference is that adult, emotionally healthy MEN define attraction as simply what they are attracted to. Younger, insecure guys will have strict standards about how she has to be thin and have long hair and whatever else they’re scared their friends will make fun of them for not having. When we’re young our friends give us a lot of crap, so we try to live up to their expectations. As we get older, we realize it’s more important to please ourselves.

2. Not a shitshow.

Are you the girl that goes clubbing every weekend in a tiny dress? You may look hot, and we will definitely talk to you while we’re out, but by now we know this kind of girl comes with drama. Drama can be tolerable, or even exciting in your early/mid…

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