13 Little Signs You’re Doing A Pretty Good Job At This ‘Being An Adult’ Thing

Thought Catalog


1. You can relax. When people are super anxious about their lives, they almost never relax. It’s counter-intuitive but relaxing would mean they would have to be quiet enough to hear the inner voices that’s shouting about whatever insecurity they’re experiencing. Being able to lay on a beach or in a lawn chair for an entire day is a sign of good mental health. If you need to keep yourself constantly busy (or drunk, or whatever) it may be because you don’t want to hear what your inner voice has to say when you slow down enough to hear it.

2. You’ve learned that life isn’t hit or miss, it’s a process. You probably don’t have your dream job, but you’re discovering what you like and you don’t like and you are getting better at it every day. When things go wrong, you know you’ll get them right, eventually…

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