15 Signs Your Best Friend Has Become Family

Thought Catalog

1. You don’t bicker like siblings as much as you do like an old married couple (but like family, nonetheless.)

2. You introduce them to strangers as “so-and-so, who is basically my sister/brother/etc.” Calling what you have a mere “friendship” — forget even “best friendship” is a serious injustice to what you got goin’ on.

3. You are mildly dysfunctional together… (and apart.)

4. Your extended families start to intermingle, and all of a sudden you find yourself as closely connected to your best friend’s parents as you are them. They take you out for dinner too, check up on how you are not only when they call their actual child, but when they text/Facebook message you.

5. You start reaching unprecedented levels of comfort. Otherwise humiliating and oftentimes disgusting, you know there’s no front to hold up with these people — so you let live, with complete abandon of the…

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