You Don’t Need Him Like You Think You Need Him

Thought Catalog

It isn’t hard to fall in love with someone and start to compartmentalize your life around them. It’s not hard at all; it’s actually effortless, unconscious and really emotionally convenient. You start to divide yourself into pieces — things you like about yourself, things you don’t, things you want to change, things you want to be, things you want to avoid, etc — and you use that person as a glue; a kind of synapse that allows each piece to coexist and interact with each other independently and without interference. You use that person to link parts of you that are only disjointed because you disconnected them. You were whole on your own, but you broke yourself so that they could hold you together and fill the gaps. You stay with them because you’re terrified of falling apart once you come unglued and those synapses stop firing.

We put too much weight…

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