May i know where the road may lead?

May i know here the road may lead?

Hyiee, i know it has been quite sometime since the last time I stated all my feelings for you.
I want to write a paragraph, a very long paragraph to explain every single thought i have but not all words might fit the right feeling i have. It started as smooth joyride between you and me. A beautiful sunset seems to wait us every afternoon. A wonderful sunrise awakens both our spirit. All the good things I could imagined have turned out into reality with you. As flames turns dust, lovers to friends, all the happy moments slowly ended. A roller coaster ride paved its way across our lives. Fearful moments knock me down. All these challenges keep on dragging me down as I slowly lost my self. And every time I choose to keep on going alone, destiny works its magic, it brings me back to you. I don’t why and how, but I just let this magic live in me. I wanted to be strong and realistic, but i just hope, that as long as can keep this hold, you’ll help me through. I know the differences we had, and the most hurtful thing is that, I need to slowly accept that these differences could keep us apart, slowly, and i hope not forever.

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