I’m Done With Chasing After Love

Thought Catalog

I’m almost 24 and I’ve never been in love.

Before you say anything: I know, I know — I’m far from being the only one. I’m not a special snowflake; it’s becoming increasingly common for people well into their 20s to not have found somebody to say those little three words to (and mean it.)

There are probably different reasons for everyone. For me, I’ve never really known if it was because I was too busy; because I was sexually confused; or simply because I was pretty unfortunate looking for most of my life — probably a culmination of all three. I was always open to the idea of love, but I wasn’t really putting any effort into finding it.

But by the time I turned 22, I was finally in a place where I felt comfortable enough to put myself out there. I had lost the excess weight and acne…

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